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Wet/Dry Rot

Wet Rot

Wet Rot is the decaying of timbers due to the presence of constant moisture. The greater the level of moisture, the faster the decay will be, and the more damage Wet Rot will cause to your property. Wet Rot can be spotted by the darkening of wood and excessive dampness that could start when the moisture content of the timber is above 20%. If you suspect the presence of Wet Rot in your home, it is strongly advised you request a Wet Rot survey to identify the problem and find a solution.

Wet Rot rarely causes structural issues and can be treated relatively easily, where dry rot would travel over masonry causing much greater damage.

Dry Rot

Dry Rot has the ability to grow through damp and porous walls, rather than just over it, causing significantly more structural damage by spreading spores that destroy other timber areas throughout the building. It can be caused by rising damp, defective eternal rendering, faulty roof coverings or ineffective plumbing, amongst others.

The longer Dry Rot is left, the worse it becomes and the more it will cost to repair. If you suspect dry rot, you should seek to have it treated immediately.

Dry Rot signs;

Darkening of wood.
The wood is dry, cracked and crumbles easily.
Orange or red fruiting bodies usually covered in spores.
Red coloured spore dust Musty, damp odour.
Mycelium - Often a white blanket and mass of branching.

Dry Rot Treatment

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Dry Rot and Rising Damp Treatment

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J. Martin Preservations is a family run business based in Willingdon, serving East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, South London and Surry with an array of damp proofing and timber treatment solutions. We also specialise in all aspects of plastering including colour rendering. Parex colour rendering has become one of our most common external coverings due to its benefits to the building, breathability, water resistance and fantastic finish result.

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"“Nothing was too much bother for James Martin and his employees. They were cheerful, polite and always kept us informed about the progress of the work. On a number of occasions they suggested improvements to the original specification and whilst this caused them some extra work they did it at no cost to us. The standard of work was exceptional. I was particularly impressed by James's knowledge of how to cure damp problems. I would, without any reservation, recommend him and his company.”"

Cellar conversion

"“I was very impressed with the quality and finish of work carried out. It really finished off the house externally. James and his renderers attention to detail was superb and once finished the surrounding areas were spotless.”"

K rend coloured render applied to external walls.

"James and his team have done a fantastic job installing a damp proof course into our living room front wall and second bedroom. The additional work of a large steel bar which needed to be added in the second bedroom was not too much trouble, and James had a team on hand straight away to have the work done promptly. We are particularly grateful to James and team for fitting us in on evenings and weekends, around their already busy work schedule. The plastering and finish has been completed to a high standard and we would certainly recommend J Martin Preservations to others."

Damp proof course installed in living room and second bedroom

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